A combination
of fibers. Spiraled,
amid skin cells.
My cells.

 Only using eleven, doubled up lines, this piece accentuates the only undisturbed wall in the gallery. Attached to the frame of the gallery window, yarn is strung every ten inches. Each line of yarn then extents the length of the gallery to the other side where it creates a horizontal line on the crown molding. A simple switch from an initial vertical plane to a horizontal creates a twisting plane in the space. The shadows from Ascend curl around to lead the viewer’s eye to the left side of Twist, where it attaches to the wall. The light here makes the left side glow and dissipates as Twist reaches through the gallery. On the right side, connected to the window, this luminosity reappears. On the backside of the piece, a gentle curve emerges from this twisting yarn.

2017. Length of room x height of window, hand-spun yarn.