Shifting Duct utilizes line to insert itself into the space. The end points of this piece start from the back wall,using a shelf as a reference point. The implied rectangle that it creates fills the wall space from the shelf to the metal bar above it. On the opposite wall,the shape transforms the linear spacing into a perfectly centered square. By aligning the yarn this way, an illusion of a plane or beam that rotates in space is created.

I am interested in this beam as a disruption of space. The viewer cannot flow around the gallery as one typically does floating from piece to be, but rather is confronted with how to move, bend, observe this jutting shape. By inserting itself into the space of the gallery, the piece forces itself upon the viewer.

This consideration is also prevalent in the yarn itself; the hand-spun yarn gives this beam a softness. It welcomes the viewer to explore the space as well as each individual strings’surface and variation.

2018. Length of room, 8″ x 8″ square to 21″ x 27″ rectangle, hand-spun yarn.