The weight of my hand.
The weight of wool,
denser once it’s yarn.
A spin, altering.
My hand, the yarn,
slumping with fatigue.

Hand-spun yarn connects the two dominate columns in the space. Each piece of yarn is the same length and the tautness of the yarn slackens as it moves up the column; the weight of the yarn becomes visually apparent. The light on the piece allows the yarn to glow, giving the piece a type of shimmering sensation. Wool roving twisted loosely provides pockets of thicker pillowy sections. On the left pillar, each string is tied three inches apart until six feet up the column where it is tied every inch and a half until it reaches ten feet. On the right pillar the strings come together at ten feet. This attachment allows the opportunity for each audience member to get at eye level with the work and thoroughly examine its material quality as well as blocks off a straight path into the gallery forcing the audience to curve around the piece,which leads them to Swoop.

2017. Length between pillars x height of pillars x depth of pillars, hand-spun yarn.