My artist practice is a search for authenticity. I am in a constant search for the truth and question our notions of what we perceive to be true. Fake news, food labels, relationships and social media are just some of the places in contemporary society where we must look two or three times to find the true value in the information we are presented.

I source my own materials by digging clay and obtaining wool from local farmers. This roots out the middleman to find “truth” in material: certainty in the location that it originated. I am drawn to these materials that originate in nature and are able to record an action forced upon them.

I pair these raw materials with my obsession of producing, organizing, and filing to create site specific installations and sculptures. 

When creating a new piece, I find a gesture that is easily repetitive and typically resonates with an action of the hand. Then I recreate this movement over and over, the same way a laborer in a factory would repeat their movements to bind books or construct furniture. Isolating one gesture highlights a subtle moment, the variation in this movement, and freezes the short time spent with this object.

By marrying an authentic source, impression of myself on each piece, and site-specific installation, my work explores the act of noticing: noticing the material, where it came from, the specific installation, how it fills the space, how you fill the space around it, my touch on the material, that we are a part of this experience together. My work encourages the viewer to be present in the moment. 


Brittany Sievers is from North Manchester, Indiana. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Upon undergraduate graduation she was awarded the Efroysman Arts Internship at DePauw University where she was a teaching assistant for the ceramics department and co-managed the Low Road Gallery in Greencaslte. After her internship, Brittany enrolled in the MFA program at Louisiana State University. During her time as a graduate student at LSU, Brittany was awarded the 2015 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award and the 2017 Aeschlimann Art-St-Urban Spring Residency in Switzerland. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University, and is a Part Time Professor of Art and Art History at DePauw University and currently runs the ceramic and sculpture studios at Vincennes University.