I am a process-based artist that is interested in indirect connections between humans and the environment, through malleable material and the location the material originates. Ikea lack tables and personally sourced clay visually represents this idea in my work. I utilize modular repetition to create sculptures and installations that highlight spatial relationships of rooms or within each piece itself. In noticing these relationships, I create a platform for each viewer to become mindful in the idea of actively noticing derived from social psychologic Ellen Langer; in hopes this mindfulness translates to their everyday spaces. It is my belief that if people questioned more things and had a heighten curiosity in their life it would help build a more sustainable community.

I have found a parallel in the process of finding, digging, and refining raw clay with flowing through the Ikea showrooms, searching for the perfect piece, and finding the product through the aisles and bins. In my current young professional life, I have been obsessed with Ikea and fast furniture that makes my apartment feel put together and polished. In researching fast furniture, I have stumbled on large companies utilizing national parks to illegally acquire their wood. I acquire my own material through similar practices. The process of piercing the ground, scooping the dirt, and dropping it into a bright orange 5-gallon bucket leaves me feeling deceitful and remorseful. This artwork channels my frustration of uninformed consumerism and highlights my own hypocritical approach to material goods.


Brittany Sievers is from North Manchester, Indiana. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  After completing the Efroysman Arts Internship at DePauw University, Brittany enrolled in the MFA program at Louisiana State University. During her time as a graduate student, Brittany was awarded the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award and the Aeschlimann Art-St-Urban Spring Residency in Switzerland. Brittany went on to teach ceramics as a  Part-Time Professor of Art and Art History at DePauw University and ran the ceramic and sculpture studios at Vincennes University. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art teaching all 3D classes at Muskingum University.