My artist practice marries an authentic source of material, impression of myself on each piece, and site-specific installation. This combination explores the act of noticing: noticing where the material originated, the specific installation of the work, ways the audience navigates the space around it, and my personal touch on the material. My work encourages the viewer to be present in the moments they spend with each piece and is a search for authenticity.

I source my own materials through digging clay and securing wool from local farmers. This creates a certainty in the location that the material originated. I am drawn to these materials for their ability to be “found” in environments as well as their ability to record an action forced upon them. I pair these raw materials with my compulsion of producing, organizing, and filling to create site specific installations and sculptures. By highlighting certain areas in the space, these installations transform my raw, sourced material and mindful labor into a platform that allows the viewer to actively notice thus becoming present.

Currently, I am using the framework of Lack Ikea tables to explore spatial relationships between the ready-made and multiple raw ceramic pieces. There is a parallel in the process of digging, finding, and refining clay and flowing through Ikea showrooms, searching for the perfect piece, and finding the product through the aisles and bins. I have the same eureka moment with these experiences, and I am fascinated in this dichotomy of these materials. These Ikea tables have the same repetition built into these pieces, yet the hand of the maker is lacking, and I find myself questioning how these products show up perfectly in front of us.


Brittany Sievers is from North Manchester, Indiana. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Upon undergraduate graduation she was awarded the Efroysman Arts Internship at DePauw University where she was a teaching assistant for the ceramics department and co-managed the Low Road Gallery in Greencaslte. After her internship, Brittany enrolled in the MFA program at Louisiana State University. During her time as a graduate student at LSU, Brittany was awarded the 2015 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award and the 2017 Aeschlimann Art-St-Urban Spring Residency in Switzerland. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University in 2017. Brittany is currently a Part Time Professor of Art and Art History at DePauw University and currently runs the ceramic and sculpture studios at Vincennes University.